Corporate Performance

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Budgeting, forecasting and business modelling can be a complex but critical business necessity. The Mondelio solution streamlines and automates this process by integrating various data sources and removing manual processes. Mondelio’s inbuilt consolidation functionality is an integral part of the implementation with its flexibility, power and proven, highly cost-effective alternative to single function consolidation solutions. The Mondelio solution provides intuitive user interfaces allowing for the straightforward creation and management of complex financial models. Mondelio forms a construct for future models in conjunction with business drivers and ratios providing a window into the future performance of the organisation. As such, new financial and corporate models may be created quickly without specialised expertise.

BI and Data Analytics

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Sisense is built on a complete business intelligence (BI) stack. The In- Chip analytics provides the fastest analytical processing power compared to other BI solutions. Delivered as either on-premises or cloud, Sisense is scalable from small technology start-ups to large corporate enterprises.

Below are some of Sisense’s stack components:
  • Connectors to various data sources; powerful Elasticube modelling in real or near real-time; extensive visualisation widgets with access to an extensive range of partner widgets for industry specific application;
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Throughout: Permeating every aspect of the Sisense platform, our innovative AI and machine learning (ML) solutions empower end-users with a deeper exploratory environment and more ways to engage with data, leading to faster time to insight, action, and impact;
  • Extensive suite of APIs, SDKs and developer toolkits enable teams to launch seamless data driven user experiences;
  • Cloud-native platform is built from the ground up on a fully containerised microservices architecture, offering a wide range of flexible deployment options;
  • Enterprise-grade architecture is designed with multiple levels of security and governance, with automated deployment and performance monitoring, and is fully scalable with zero effect on performance
  • Elastic Data Engine enables the use of data from the most simple to the most complex, including managing data pipelines, transforming data, delivering complex advanced analytics, or leveraging live or cached data within an easy-to-use visual UI
  • Embed technology that integrates with 3rd party applications easily, simple user interface for easy deployment and maintenance.

Data Accuracy Platform

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A leading provider of cloud-first, distributed data accuracy solutions for seamless, end-to-end data cleansing, Naveego® enables organizations to proactively manage, detect and eliminate data accuracy issues across all enterprise data sources in real-time–regardless of structure or schema.

Naveego elements include:
  • A native agent that facilitates secure communication between the client’s data sources and the Naveego Platform. For cloud or on-premise. For on-premise data sources, the agent must be running on the same client network where the desired data sources reside.
  • A Plugin software component executed by the Agent for a specific type of data source. This plugin knows how to communicate with the data source and allows for quick and easy integration between the client’s data sources and the Naveego Platform.
  • A connection to combine a client data source, a plug-in for that data source, and an Agent. The Naveego connection is a configuration put in place by the customer providing all necessary information for the Naveego Platform to establish a link to a data source and subsequently ingest data from or send data to a specific data source.
  • A shape, a logical data entity as defined by the business. Shapes are data source agnostic entities where data elements from any and all data sources are combined and organised. Every shape has Match and Merge rules configured that will allow the system to group duplicate records and merge them together, taking the best available data from each source system. This delivers trusted accurate data.
  • Once data is true, jobs are used to trigger the movement of data either into (Read) or out of (Writeback, Replication) the Naveego Platform. Jobs can be run on-demand, on a schedule, or in real-time for platforms that support it